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Health ConcernsNature Cure for All Diseases



Attend A Health Camp

Make reservation for a 15 day or 30 day health camp.



Schedule an outpatient visit

You can make an outpatient appointment to get advice.



Talk to a doctor

We provide free phone consultation for all your health concerns.


Eat Healthy

Proper diet guidelines will be given to follow regularly under the guidance by Dr. Raju, so that you can keep your body slim.

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Excercise Regularly

Nature cures therapies viz. Full body massage, Partial massage, Immersion tubs, under water massage, mud bath etc., all types of physiotherapy treatment, yoga will covered during a healh camp.

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Heal Naturally

In naturopathy, there won’t be any medicines to cure the diseases. Good and healthy habits are the only medicines.

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  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Diabetic Camp

Diabetes is another health hazard causing concern throughout the world. If neglected, it leads to many complications. Many patients desirous of getting permanent cure without any medication for diabetes can join this 30 days’ course for a total relief.
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Control blood sugar



Our treatment

During diabetic camp, special exercises, yoga, special diet, and special classes will be there to develop awareness about getting permanent cure..


Obesity Camp

OBESITY is also known as overweight, plumpness and fatness. Obesity camps are conducted every month. One batch starts on 1st to 30th of the month and second batch starts from 16th of a month till 15th of the next month. Depending on your convenience, you can join either of these camps.
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Weight reduction

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Our treatment

Our treatment helps you to get rid of blood sugar, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, cholesterol, skin diseases - allergies, female problems like irregular periods, thyroid problems, anemia, head ache or liver problems..
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The sole aim of Prakruti Vaidyam (Nature’s Cure) is to cure all diseases without depending on medicines and through natural resources and natural surroundings duly aided by the expert advice and supervision of Dr.Manthena Satyanarayana Raju and his better half Dr. Visali and a well-trained team of 100 assistants.



Prakruthi Ashram

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